Issue 1.2 (Fall 1993)


Jenny R. Jarrard: “Fall to Pieces”

Ellen Malphrus: “Thanksgiving on the Chicken Bone Express”

Paula Price: “Ezra’s Move”

Joe Taylor: “Number Four, Please” & “Sleepless Hollow”


Patrick Armstrong: “Wyatt Pond”

Amittai F. Aviram: “Poetry as Shaggy Dog Story”

Vincent J. Cortese: “At the Death of the Year”

Susan Gunter: “Gib Morgan”

Brian Hale: “Watching a Hatching at Riverbanks Zoo”

Steven Lynn: “The One Hundred Year Poem”

Kevin McGowan: “Fountain” & “Inigo Jones in Dothan”

D.C. Miller: “Hypocrite lecteur, mon semblable…”

Melissa Niemi: “Ever After”

John Ower: “Blowhole: Wupatki National Monument”

Randy Smith: “from My travels Among the Spiders”

Sheila Tombe: “Ward Dancing”