Issue 2.2 (Fall/Winter 1994)


G.H. Bacon: “Rainy Days and Sundays”

Scott Bowen: “Driving Lessons”

William Price Fox: “Wild Blue Yonder”


Patrick Armstrong: “Turkish Ney”

Barbara Brannon: “Blind Gator”

Sean Brendan-Brown: “Concrete Sounds Soft”

Randy Cauthen: “The Wando”

Skip Eisiminger: “Feeding the Troops”

Gordon Johnston: “The Old Man Checks Stock, J.C. Penney’s” & “Ruth, after the stroke”

Ed Madden: “Sealing a box of love letters” & “Madeline”

Robert Parham: “The Worm Test”

Ron Rash: “First Shift” & “The Famous Photographer Visits Eureka”

Joseph M. Tate: “Lament”

Jon Thompson: “The Quarry” & “A Coda to My Irish-American Catholic Grandmother’s Career as a Painter of Cape-Cod Scenes”

Daniel White: “Braking for a ‘Possum”


Bob Lowder