Issue 4.2 (Winter/Spring 1997)


Marie Manilla: “Nesting”


Sean Brendan-Brown: “Magnolia Bridge”

Jeff Callahan: “Listening to the Car Radio at Night”

Catherine Davidson: “Provinceton, 1976” & “Caught Smoking at Low Tide and Fifteen” (Yemassee Award)

Tim Early: “Straight Arrow’s Mane and Tail”

Danielle Legros Georges: “Our Water”

Natasha Iola Hunte: “Free” & “Buttered Bread”

David Leising: “Ethel Rosenberg, June 19, 1953”

George Lopez: “Palimpset” & “Vectors”

Thomas David Lisk: “No Reason to be Jealous, We’re All Artisans Here”

Rick Mulkey: “A Lost Version”

Daniel Nester: “On the Road Again”

Frank Vincent: “Sweetheart” & “Cruise Park, August”

Lucy Warlick: “Wallace and Elsie, 1912”

Peter Wild: “The Pope”

Jud Wolfskill: “A Prostitute’s Advice to the New Girl”


Jim Grimsley