Issue 5.1 (Summer/Fall 1997)


Michael Cody: “Overwinter”

Robert Burke Kennedy: “Joel and Heather”

Nicole Potts: “Dealing with Uncle Zeke”

Chris Railey: “Sixty-three Shakes of Shame”


DC Berry: “Dressing for a Reconciliation Luncheon” & “Wife”

Anthony Butts: “Storm” & “The Belle Isle Men”

Sean Brendan Brown: “Firefly Pepsi,” “Speculation Highway” & “The Artist”

Becky Gould Gibson: “Tomato” & “The Sparrows”

Amy Harris: “Noah’s Silence” & “The Eelworm Gives Birth Under a Tree”

Rivka Swenson: “Smoke,” “Runners” & “You Ask Me Where to Go After the Divorce” (Yemassee Award Winner)