Issue 6.2 (Winter/Spring 1999)


D. Winston Brown: “In the Doorway of Rhee’s Jazz Joint” (Yemassee Award Winner)

Robert Coover: “The Early Life of the Artist”

Tom Juvik: “Bridging”

Rae Meadows: “Easy Does It”

Dale Neal: “Arrangement with Rue”


Patricia Bankhead: “Working in the Mannequin Factory” & “Shame” (Yemassee Award Winner)

Christopher Brisson: “Marry Me, Rhoda”

Jennifer Carlile: “Remnants”

Christopher Chambers: “Seizure”

David Ellis: “Woodsmoke”

Scott Gallaway: “The Migration of Love”

Ted Lardner: “And When I Admired Him”

Gary Leising: “The Sins of the Son”

Damniso Lopez: “Third World Assays, no. 7”

Amy McInnis: “The Difference Between Catholics and Cats”

Holly Schullo: “Reinventing the Jukebox” & “Red Iron Deposits”

Randy Spencer: “Definition”


Jack Dunn