Issue 7.1 (Summer/Fall 1999)


Tim Fitts: “Theme Nights”

Kevin Langton: “Sunflowers” (Yemassee Award Winner)

Rae Meadows: “Run for the Roses”

Pamela Ryder: “Which Are Cinders”


Keith Cartwright: “Watch Night Shout”

Stephanie Dickinson: “Piglot Beauty Salon”

Pamela Garvey: “The Distant”

Victor Gischler: “An Immovable Object”

Shayla Hawkins: “Michelangelo’s Pieta”

Ed Madden: “Links” & “Sewing Lesson”

Ray McManus: “Partition”

Andrew Miller: “The Novel of the Green Jade” (Yemassee Award Winner)

Lenard D. Moore: “Black Trilogy”

Nikki Moustaki: “I Want to Call the Turtle Little Brother” & “Cucumbers”

Robert West: “Home”


Anneliese Dehner