Issue 7.2 (Winter/Spring 2000)


Rebekah Lindberg: “Daughterhood”

Karin Ludewig: “Flies”

Patrick M. Skinner: “The Shape of the Air” (Yemassee Award Winner)

Barbara A. Stewart: “This is Not a Love Story”

Alan Vanneman: “The Transfiguration of W.H. Auden”


Elizabeth Carter: “Pilgrimage”

Jason Clanton: “Support”

Ryan Van Cleave: “Mud Into Mortar, the Language of a Koan–Sung China, 1878”

Deborah H. Doolittle: “Thimble”

Susan Ludvigson: “The Name,” “It Tells You,” “More and More I Want to Live,” “The River Fear” & “The Old Mill”

Randy Miller: “Upon the Disintegration of the Poet’s Copy of Roget’s Fourth International Thesaurus and His Purchase of the Fifth: A Lament” & “Carolina Muse” (Yemassee Award Winner)

Charlene Monahan-Spearen: “Two Butterflies”

Randolph Spencer: “Theo,”

Gerald R. Wheeler: “Steps”


Jack Dunn

Lisa Kerr