Issue 8.1 (Summer/Fall 2000)


Karen Lee Boren: “Nocturnal Feeders” (Yemassee Award)

Kathy Flann: “Missing Person”

Denzil Strickland: “Rabbits For Sale”


Gaylord Brewer: “The New Me”

Elisabeth Carter: “Pilgrimage”

Adam Clay: “The Risks of Getting a Little Off the Top”

Tyler Farrell: “Midday Marauders”

Joe Goeke: “Ten Degrees From North”

Laurie O'Brien: “Suppose Heaven” & “A History of My Passion” (Yemassee Award)

Virgil Suarez: “Leaving,” “Bulb,” “Song to the Hibiscus,” “Song for the Cigar” & “Poem for Charles Wright”

Anca Vlasopolos: “Sleeping Beauty Revisited”

Daneen Wardrop: “What Does Not Wish To Be Deferred”

Ivan Young: “Strange Spore”


Jimmy Kerr