Issue 9.1 (Summer/Fall 2001)


Dan Pope: “Lydia’s Ex”

Karsen Price: “Queen Bee”

Claudia Ricci: “The Sun, As Old As It Gets”

Margot Singer: “How to Have an Affair” (Yemassee Award Winner)

Thomas McConnell: “Solstice”


Patricia Kennedy Bostian: “Broad River at Noon”

Rafael Compo: “Speak to Me,” “Spiritual, ca. 1999,” “Supernumerary Poem with Fruit Pastries That Allegorically Adresses Death,” “Playing ‘Fidel and Peron’,“On the Virtues of Not Shaving” & “On New Year’s Day”

Geary Danihy: “A Show in The Journal’s Lobby”

Kristina Martinez: “The Rain Months”

Andrew D. Miller: “Virgil Descending”

Joshua Poteat: “The Moths of Snow (Armenia, 1915)” (Yemassee Award Winner)

Virgil Suarez: “Birth Poem” & “On the Border”

G.C. Waldrep III: “Excursion Rate”


Kazuo Ishiguro


Atussa Hatami