Issue 11.2 (Spring 2004)


Lainee Frizzo: “Be Nice”

Amina Gautier: “Make Me Over” (2004 William Richey Short Story Contest Winner)

Melanie Hammer: “The Earth Expanding, Right Hand and Left Hand”

Kevin Monroe: “Prodigal Son”

Chris Jarrell Railey: “Kid the Poet”

Lisa Wang: “The Underdog”


Julie Dunlop: “Parole”

Terry Godbey: “Hydrotherapy”

Michael H. Lythgoe: “Degas at the Races” & “Memory Keeper at Cayo Hueso”

Alexis Orgera: “How I Built a Tower Tumbling Into the Sea” & “The Storm”

Joanna Pearson: “Trieste,” “Many Days” & “Farmer’s Market”

Scott Penney: “Two Worlds, Theory of the Moment”

Taylor Polk: “Maurice’s Barbershop” & “Chasing Deer”

Robert Collet Tricaro: “Looking Back”

G.C. Waldrep: “Horticulture” & “The Impacted Center”


Percival Everett


Clori Rose