Issue 13.1 (Fall 2005)


Rita Welty Bourk: “Disturbance in the Gulf”

Akan Elyshevitz: “If You Lived Here, You’d be Home by Now” (2004 William Richey Short Story Contest Winner)

Sandra Novack-Gottshall: “Love and Other Disasters

Mary Stepp: “Daybreak”


Jonathan Barrett: “Lost Instincts”

Lisken Van Pelt Dus: “Threading the Needle”

Kelsie D. Gray: “THe Porcelain Eyeball”

Tara Moyle: “On Being A Modern Girl” & “A Photograph by Graciela Iturbide”

Katherine Sanchez Espano: “A Pardon”

Rebecca Kennedy: “Faith in the Imagined Things”

Kim Roberts: “The Capitol”

Jessica Vidrine: “How Love Will Come, and When”


George Singleton


Michael Foster