Issue 14.2 (Spring 2007)


Daniel Buckman: “from Because the Rain”

Jesse Donaldson: “Living Without Spoons”


Michelle Chan Brown: “Bait”

Phil Carriere: “What Death and Whose” & “Mary’s Interview”

James Gould Cozzens: “[Letter to Willie, Tuesday night, July Fourteenth],” “[Always at evening as the long beams split],” “[Close then your eyes and make a friend of sleep]” & “Cold Fire”

Susan Meyers: “Prothonotary Warblers” (2007 Pocataligo Poetry Contest Winner)

Terri McCord: “Difference in Looks” (2007 Pocataligo Poetry Contest Runner-Up)

Devon Miller-Duggan: “Farthest East”

Ellen Wehle: “Fragment of a Tomb Wall,” “Five Forms Prayer Takes,” “To Protect Your Heirlooms” & “Age”


Daniel Buckman

Dorothy Perry Thompson

le thi diem thuy


Zak Smith