Issue 16.2 (Spring 2009)


Scott Ely: “Rocks”

Scott Gould: “Mable Massey Borrows A Polaroid”

Carl Jenkinson: “The Storm Cellar”

Rachel Luria: “The Concession Stand”

George Singleton: “Sponsor”


Gilbert Allen: “Magnolias”

Ken Autry: “Olives”

Frederick Bassett: “At Fifteen” & “Sacks”

Phebe Davidson: “These days,”

Vera Gomez: “Bound”

Ashley Mace Havird: “The Legend of Petit Jean,” “Pan’s Shadow” & “The Trip”

David Havird: “Wasps in Winter” & “House of Straw”

David Ingle: “Tire Swing”

Kit Loney: “Chasing After the Grave Digger” & “Ever”

Susan Ludvigson: “This is the Week that Might Be”

Nan Lundeen: “Birches”

Ed Madden: “Larval” & “Easter brunch, last gathering”

Ray McManus: “Little Big Horn, an Operetta” & “Aerobic Jesus”

William L. Ramsey: “Archimedes on Safari”

Betsy Throne: “He Died in His Sleep”

Daryl Lorenzo Wellington: “Gold Night: October”

P. Ivan Young: “Dead Maps” & “Mole Crabs”


James Barilla: “Variations on a Birthday”

Wendy Ralph: “The Garden”

Joni Tevis: “Pepper’s Junk Store” & “In the Country of Rent and Tatter”


Bhavin Tailor