Issue 18 (Spring/Summer 2011)


Ed Bull: “The Elizabeth Years”

C. Ronald Edwards: “The Fence”

Aaron Frigard: “Idaho Family Eats Indigenous Bigfoot Tribe” (2010 William Richey Short Fiction Contest Winner)

Heather McGrail: “Knife”

Carolyn Mikulencak: “Amusement” (2010 William Richey Short Fiction Contest Runner-Up)

Nicole Louise Red: “A Purposeful Violence”


Rachel Andoga: “Supporting the War Effort” (2011 Pocataligo Poetry Contest Runner-Up)

John Buckley: “Hagiography” & “The Circular Queue”

Jaydn Dewald: “Listening to Berg, Along, in Summer”

Joanna Doxey: “Lepidoptery”

Wayne Lee Gay: “While Practicing Nikolai Kapustin’s Opus 26”

Chris Haven: “Red Pear, Washed”

Amorak Huey: “Fred and Wilma Are Eliminated from The Amazing Race” & I Want to Write A Letter to 1989 Me and Suggest a Thing or Two Before Summer Ends"

Marc Johnston: “reconnaissance” (2011 Pocataligo Poetry Contest Runner-Up)

Rachel Lyon: “Storm Running”

Sarah McCartt-Jackson: “Vanishing Point” & “Log Cabin”

Joshua Gottlieb-Miller & Maureen Alsop: “Eir” & “Manannan’s Crane Bag”

Lauren Nakanishi: “Despite the Sunrise”

Winnona Pasquini: “Theories of Natural Phenomena and the Electric Field”

Andrew Payton: “On Seeing My Name on Gravestones in Horse Cave, Kentucky” & “Pastlife”

Anna Sutton: “City Planning” (2011 Pocataligo Poetry Contest Winner)

Mark Wagenaar: “Nail Bed Gospel”


Don Lago: “Contingency Sample”


Tadzio Koelb

Peter LaBerge

Edward Lee

Ivan de Monbrison

Jonathon Owens

Fabio Sassi