Issue 19.2 (Spring/Summer 2012)


Timothy B Dodd: “The Disappearance of Mr. VanDevender”

Latanya McQueen: “Tell Me”

Don Peteroy: “Because I Want to Know You”

Caleb True: “Astronaut”


Christopher Citro & Dustin Nightingale: “Little Buzzings”

Taylor Colier: “Varnish”

Darren DeMaree: “Emily as Sightless Radiance”

Matt Dennison: “And Victory for All”

Jeffrey Galbraith: “When Matt’s Dad Lost His Hand”

Sara Henning: “Dance Like You’re Giving Birth”

Alex Lemon: “Wearing a Dead Man’s Sunglasses to the Zoo”

Ben McClendon: “Hazards of Perpetual Motion” (2012 Pocataligo Poetry Contest Runner-Up)

Anna Scotti: “Jellyfish” (2012 Pocataligo Poetry Contest Runner-Up)

Karrie Waarala: “A Sudden Blow” (2012 Pocataligo Poetry Contest Winner)

Cameron Witbeck: “Eavesdropping at Starbucks…Again”


Jean Harper: “The Edge”

Harmony Neal: “Bethany is Dead”


Ian McEwan

Artwork & Photography

Dominic Corrigan

Matthew Cronin

John Park

Alex Matzke

Rhonda McFarland

Daniel Romo

Errol Tisdale