Issue 20.1 (Fall/Winter 2012)


David Armstrong: “Patience is a Fruit” (2012 William Richey Fiction Contest Winner)

Melanie Cordova: “The Assassination of My Best Friend Will”

Dustin M. Hoffman: “One More for You”

Barb Johnson: “Rider” (2012 William Richey Fiction Contest Runner-Up)

Valerie Wilkinson: “Rattlesnake Ridge” (2012 William Richey Fiction Contest Runner-Up)


Christine Butterworth-McDermott: “I Hear You’re Sick of Pomegranates”

Hannah Craig: “The One Who Named the Tapir Loved the Tapir”

Andrei Guruianu: “Anatomy of Dreams”

W. Todd Kaneko: “They Say This is How the Wolf Sings”

C. Ann Kodra: “Into Our Veins”

Jenny Morse: “Gambling”

Janet McNally: “Penelope and Oz” & “Some Girls”

Andrew Najberg: “Hydration is of the essence”

Ciara Shuttleworth: “A Monday, Probably”

Spencer Smith: “Girls Night Out”

David Starkey: “The Pediatric Oncologist”

Linda Ann Strang: “Seaward”


Eric Freeze: “Beard Card”

Tara Mae Mulroy: “What Matters Is What’s Left of Us”


Emily St. John Mandel


Kisa Kivass