Issue 21.2 (Spring/Summer 2014)


Michael Cody: “The Flutist” (2014 William Richey Fiction Contest Runner-Up)

Michael Czyzniejewski: “Memorare for the Ding Dong”

Barrett Warner: “Red Monday” (2014 William Richey Fiction Contest Runner-Up)

Katherine Klabek: “Prelude to an Autobiography”


Caylin Capra-Thomas: “Say Uncle”

Karen Craigo: “Jenny Piccalo Says” & “Escaped Housewife Phones the Dog”

Catherine Bresner: “The Attic” (2014 Pocataligo Poetry Contest Runner-Up)

Lois Harrod: “The Art of Being Saved by a Hair” (2014 Pocataligo Poetry Contest Runner-Up)

Julie Henson: “Elegy for My Father’s Suspicion About Snakes”

Dara Lyn-Shrager: “Wild Child”

Rebecca Suzan Watts: “What My Instamatic Couldn’t Capture”

Ross White: “American Supernatural” (2014 Pocataligo Poetry Contest Winner)


Barbara March: “Acrophobia Reading Didion”

Kat Moore: “Crippled Birds”


David Mitchell


Chambers Austelle