Issue 22.1 (Spring 2015)


Matt Bell: “The Huntress”

Chelsie Bryant: “BIg Girls”

John Jodzio: “Sugarfoot”

Mary Miller: “Tiny Bullets”

Salvatore Pane: “The Complete Oral History of Monkey High School”

Meg Pokrass: “What You Want to Tell Her”

Amy Scharmann: “Why I Stopped Eating Shrimp”

Pete Stevens: “Where We Settled”


Chase Edwards: “Roundabout the Rat Cage”

Matthew Gavin Frank: “Crockett, Darwin, Ices”

Elizabeth Horneber: “Tiger Claws”

Robert Rebein: “Bullet in the Brain”


Grace Bauer: “Ms. Schadenfreude: Beginnings”

Jenny Boully: “This was one of the saddest stories that I had ever heard”

Lauren Camp: “Each Reflection Upon Reflection”

Christina Cook: “A Different City”

Caroline Crew: “Plastic Sonnet 22”

Chelsea Dingman: “Felled Pine”

James Ellenberger: “Family Portrait with Romero’s Night of the Living Dead”

Mariela Griffor: “Recovery”

LA Johnson: “Mutation”

Rachel Mindell: “Lodestar” & “Here Catch”

Thorpe Moeckel: “Autumn Old Time”

Dominick Parris: “As Seen on TV” & “Red-Sunned Loser”

Dustin Pearson: “Letter 6”

Simon Perchik: “*”

Justin Runge: “Like Snow”

Caitlin Scarano: “Rabbit Holes” & “Ribbon and Bone”

Maureen Thorson: “Blue Plate Special”

Jeanann Verlee: “The Hunter, His Weapons,” “One Winter While Unemployed” & “Upon Ovulation”

Corrie White: “Video Chat: My Sister at 7 Weeks”

Ruth Williams: “Estasi di Santa Teresa”


Jon Timmons