Issue 22.2 (Fall 2015)


Wyatt Bonikowski: “Dead End”

Dana Diehl: “Going Mean”

Joel Hans: “Ochre Unicorn”

Ben Hoffman: “Toeheads”

Marlin M. Jenkins: “We Never Say What We Mean”

Kelly Morris: “Dream Club” (2015 William Richey Short Fiction Contest Winner)

Midge Raymond: “Infant in Arms” (Contest Finalist)

Brandi Wells: “Invisible Zoo”


Charlene Logan Burnett: “228 Cambridge Street”

Jacob Little: “Pleasure” (2015 Inaugural Non-Fiction Contest Winner)

Megan Kerns: “This is East Tennessee Punk Rock” (Contest Finalist)


Emily Banks: “Mother Water”

Michael Bazzett: “The Central Registry” & “The Woodshed”

Alysia Nicole Harris: “The Rosary I Have Made of Your Name Gives Me Indigestion” (Contest Finalist)

Sierra Jacob: “Salt Water”

Gail Langstroth: “Barranco, Peru” & “A Dirty Madridman Faced Me”

Lauren Loftis: “Reach”

Daniel Pecchenino: “Early Days” & “My Jam”

Arra Lynn Ross: “Two Poems from III”

Anna Scotti: “Tanager” (2015 Pocataligo Poetry Contest Winner)

Kimberly Ann Southwick: “Captain” & “Candyland”

Peter Twal: “Years Trying to Get with the Plan and the Next Five Years”

Mark Wagenaar: “Sweet Edge” (Contest Finalist)


Jon Timmons