Yemassee Podcast, Episode 11

In episode eleven, your hosts Justin Brouckaert and Chris Koslowski welcome University of South Carolina MFA candidates and Yemassee Podcast friends Matt Mossman and Sam Slaughter for a very special mail bag episode. What books should high schools stop teaching? Does alcohol make you a better writer? What writer would do best as an NFL coach? How much do we miss Grantland? We answer these questions and more from our Yemassee listeners. Coming to you from our super-duper duplex studio in moldy Columbia, South Carolina, it’s the Yemassee Podcast, more entertaining than a horse-sized duck.

Special thanks to guest and sound engineer Matt Mossman. Extra special thanks to those who sent in questions: Nick Sweeney, Matt Ostrander, Luke Deming, Dianne Richardson, Graham Stowe, Brandy Heinlein, Ben Hoffman, William Linn, Nate Rogers, Will Garland, and everyone we undoubtedly missed to mention here.

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