Issue 23.1 (Spring 2016)


Nick Almeida: “Dance of the Dump”

Steve Almond: “The Siege”

Chase Burke: “Some Memories of Brett Favre"

R.M. Cooper: “Deployment Notice”

Justin Lawrence Daugherty: “Impostor”

Kathy Fish: “Dusseldorf”

Sarah Mollie Silberman: “Scuttling”


Jessi Lewis: “Deer Painted at Night”

Caitlin MacDougall: “The Mountains and the Men”

Matt Young: “Tracking Splits”


Kirstin Allio: “Swan Point IV.”

Emily Rose Cole: “How to Tell the Future,” “Advice to My Younger Self Regarding Sleep” & “Prayer”

Zachary Doss: “IX. [The Hermit]”

Amy Elisabeth Hansen: “The Highlands” & “Du Page County”

Eve Kenneally: “Lolita on OK Cupid”

Cindy King: “After the Audition” & “Aubade”

Michael Koch: “After Another” & “To the Heat”

Cade Leebron: “What Color is a City”

Rebekah Morton: “Dayton”

Kevin Riel: “Sonnet With Asshole” & “To a Sea Urchin”

Sean Shearer: “Track Marks”

Amie Whittemore: “Crush” & “April Meditation”


Mercedes Fleagle