Issue 1.1 (Spring 1993)


Scott Ely: “Holiday”

Vincent Craig Wright: “The Bridge”


Dan Albergotti: “Spilled Sugar”

Scott Bowen: “Above the Water Line”

Keen Butterworth: “The Gun”

Stephen Corey: “The Drive to Work”

Wayne Cox: “Divorce” & “Caribou”

Vincent King: “A Young Man’s Muse”

Susan Ludvigson: “Sophie’s Father Visits” & “Jasmine”

Ellen Malphrus: “Oyster Boats in Summer”

D.C. Miller: “The Beautiful Black Girls from Birmingham”

Duana Miller: “Egret”

Scott Moore: “Veronica”

Randy Smith: “In Motion”


James Gould Cozzens: “Selection from the Diaries”

James Dickey: “On the Imagination”

Walker Percy: “Letter to Caroline Gordon”