Issue 23.2 (Fall 2016)


Garrett Ashley: "Last Stand of the Alligator Killers"

Chris Campanioni: "Privileged/Witness"

Micah Dean Hicks: "The Bone Oven" (Yemassee Fiction Prize Runner-Up)

Derrick Martin-Campbell: "Space Heaters" (Yemassee Fiction Prize Winner)

Zach VandeZande: "Interrogation"


Evan Allgood: "Air Pressure"

Caylin Capra-Thomas: "Three Things I Remember About Lady Chatterley's Lover" (Yemassee Nonfiction Prize Winner)


Fatimah Asghar: "Love Song to My LCD Belt"

Chance Castro: "We Met in a Meadow"

Kristina Marie Darling: "Jane Dark Speaks of Culpability"

John Gosslee: "Animals, a Body, and a God of Some Type"

Peter Hogan: "Comprehensive Appalachia"

TJ McLemore: "Elegy as Recurring Dream, in Shifting Parts"

Rebecca Hart Olander: "Seneca Deer" (Yemassee Poetry Prize Runner-Up)

Marielle Prince: "So Dear Did This Stranger Become"  (Yemassee Poetry Prize Winner)

Kimberly Reyes: "The Blueprint"

Sam Sax: "First Writing After Althea"

Roberta Senechal de la Roche: "Small Ghost"

Virginia Smith Rice: "Imagine Us Then, Unseeing Them"

Candace Wiley: "Qa'pla" (Yemassee Poetry Prize Runner-Up)

Jane Wong: "What My Brother and I Know" "When You Died"


Angela Davis Fegan

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