24.1 (Spring 2017)


Elena Botts: "Ladybug: excerpt from the manuscript 'a buried moon'"

Lori Carriere: "Blue: A Love Story"

Meagan Cass: "Misidentification"

Brendan Egan: "Luster"

Kelly Kathleen Ferguson: "Pictures of the Dead"

David Brendan Hopes: "Bonhanno’s Death"

Joseph Levens: "Realistic Situations"

Alexander Luft: "Assassination of Vice Principal Tiddle"

Jared Shaffer: "Back Hair"


Sarah Aronson: "The Auspices"

Jackie Campbell: "Souvenir of Bethlehem"

George David Clark: "Infants’ Fanfare"

Kristina Marie Darling: "Architect’s Vision Has Nothing to Do with Light"

Meredith Davies Hadaway: "Personal Pronouns"

Darren Demaree: "blue and blue and blue #133," "blue and blue and blue #134"

Chelsea Dingman: "Despair"

Keith M. Donnell, Jr.: "When I Close My Eyes," "Sunday Morning, My Lover Speaks Home," "A Pound of Flour"

Stevie Edwards: "Learning to Leave a Bad Thing Alone"

Michael Gould: "Ode to the Loon and its Cry," "Insomnia"

Dennis Hinrichsen: "[pantoum] [broken down]"

Hannah Kroonblawd: "Anti-Elegy"

Esteban Rodriguez: "Buzzards"

Robin Rosen Chang: "On My Mind"

Austin Sanchez-Moran: "Listening to Lolita, Driving West Through Oklahoma"

Jessica Lynn Suchon: "Apparition"

Dylan Weir: "Elegy for Myself"


Lauren Clark

Allen Forrest

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